About Giuliana (Owner/Designer of Air Beans Bowtique)

Hi! I'm Giuliana. I'm 20-something years old and married to the love of my life, Matt. A good friend introduced us 6 years ago after I saw a picture of him on her Facebook page. We met up on a "blind" date and it's been a crazy-amazing wild ride ever since. I joke that I picked my husband out of a "catalog".
I'm also a mama to three babies: Evelyn (4) and Norah (2.5) (born just 18 months apart!) and soon their baby brother, Matthew, who is due in November 2017, two pups: Copernicus Darwin, a papillon and Audrey Hepbull, an English bulldog and our newest addition, my daughter's best friend: Ozzie the Guinea Pig. Clearly, with two toddlers, a big 'ole baby belly and three furry "babies", my life is a bit of a circus! I lovingly refer to ourselves as the #hotmessexpress. 
I was born on the East Coast, raised in the Midwest and my soul yearns for the beautiful Rocky Mountains. I'm a perfectionist that is learning to let go and embrace the physical, mental and emotional messiness of motherhood. I'm a total dork and a HUGE lover of coffee and white wine. You can find me in my natural habitat: Rocking out to Pandora radio and whipping up bows with a baby strapped to my back in my Tula baby carrier. I'm so glad you are here!

About Katie (Director of Operations at Air Beans Bowtique)

When Air Beans Bowtique took off and began to grow in the fall of 2016 I quickly realized I couldn't do it all myself and I hired on my dear friend, Katie Straubinger, as our Director of Operations. She's been by my side from the beginning of Air Beans as a close friend and confidant. I couldn't be more excited to be able to bring her on board officially. Katie is a lifesaver and the one "running the show" behind the scenes. She makes the magic happen, as I like to say. Logistics queen, sounding board and right hand lady, we couldn't do what we do with out her! "Meet" Katie....

Katie is mom to a 3 year old, crazy, Wonder Woman loving, little girl named Emilia. (Yup, The Emilia the bow is named after). 


Katie has a BA in Communications and a MA in Media Literacy. She has many years in customer service, business management, media, promotions as well as child-care. She's a jack of all trades.  

She's here for any of your questions, suggestions, and requests. She's already loving being a part of the team and looking forward to outfitting all the littles in your life with beautiful Air Beans!

About Air Beans Bowtique

It all started with my daughters, Evelyn and Norah, who were both born with full heads of thick, black hair just begging to be accessorized. When I couldn't find hair pieces in local stores that suited my tastes, I turned to Etsy to look for fun, original hair accessories for my girls. After saving a wishlist of over $750 worth of bows and clips I decided maaaybe I should just try making these myself. Because clearly I have a bow addiction problem and I kinda didn't want my husband to leave me over it. We took about a year to research, plan and prep and on April 1st, 2016 Air Beans Bowtique officially opened for business!
The name of my shop comes from my oldest daughter, Evelyn. When Evelyn was 2 years old, she started to call her hair bows and clips "Air Beans" because she couldn't say "hair bands." Well the name stuck and soon we were calling all bows and hair clips "Air Beans" in our house. You have to admit, it is pretty fun to say "Air Beans". As in, "Look how adorable my daughter looks in her Air Beans!" Because duh. Of course she's adorable. We just help enhance what your baby girl already has going on. You dig?
This business enables me to stay home with my girls, making messes and memories all while setting an example for them of what a strong, determined woman can do when she sets her mind to something. It all started out with me slinging bows at my kitchen table after my girls had gone to bed for the night. We have now grown to a team of 3 seamstresses (based both in Missouri AND out of state). We are so thrilled and be able to provide a wonderful work-at-home opportunity to other women, daughters, students and moms in our community. Like I always tell my daughters, "Do big things!". I am proud to say that Air Beans Bowtique is doing just that for the women we come into contact with, both our customers and the amazing women we work with.
We can't thank YOU enough for making this dream a reality for us. Thank you for shopping at Air Beans Bowtique!

Peace, Love and Bows,